4.0 New Beginnings

Story So Far....
A Summary

After starting out in the town of Fallcrest the party went around town asking for quests. After speaking to several individuals they decided to head out to the decrepit manor filled with Kobolds. Fighting their way through and falling into some pits along the way they eventually discovered that a young white dragon was behind the kobold attacks. Discovering a small note in a chest after slaying the dragon they took the note to the Lord of Fallcrest who quickly translated it. The note was an invitation from a Hobgoblin warleader inviting the dragon and his forces to join his army. The Lord then dispatched the party to take care of this menace as his forces were already stretched thin as it was. After succesfully fighting their way through the four warcamps they killed the leader and returned home with treasure and a captive. Seeing the potential in them the Lord then sent them out to take care of his troops who had defected and were attacking trade caravans along the road.

After taking out the first group of bandits along the northern road the party proceeded the party traveled along the western road to the toll booth where the defected soldiers holding up caravans were located. In a move truly befitting the leader of the group Balasar the dragonborn warlord knocked on the toll booth door, asking the bandits if they knew of any bandits around. After a hardfought battle the party emerged victorious and made their way back to Fallcrest. The Lordwarden then charged them to be his emissaries to the western town of Springvale, who had ceased all trading due to the dangerous nature of the road between the two cities.

After restocking supplies the party left along the road, and were approached by a band of orcs, who issued the ultimatum: “Give us all your equipment and gold and we will let you leave alive.” After refusing this deal the party defeated the ll orcs and in turn took their gold and equipment.

After a brief rest the town entered the town of Springvale, a bustling city known for it’s rare and exotic silks. They traveled to the court of the Duke of the city, trying to parley him to open trade. After denying them this four Tieflings attacked, poisoning the Duke. After a short battle they healed the duke who then offered them this: If they took out the leader of the bandits who were attacking the trade caravans he would gladly open trade with Fallcrest. They agreed to this and traveled along the western road to the circle of stones. Soon after they arrived at the cave hideout of the bandits. Forty Tieflings marched out of the caves, along with their Hobgoblin leader. The Hobgoblin challenged them to combat, all versus him. If they lost they would join his bandits and do his bidding, if they won they were free to go. After taking a single crushing blow, Vahreet convinced the others that they couldn’t win despite Balasar’s objections. The Hobgoblin ordered them to kill the Duke of Springvale to which they readily agreed. They charged into the Duke’s chamber, killing his guards and striking him down despite his magical barrier.

Fleeing down his hidden staircase they discovered to their horror 13 zombies of varying races. After putting down the zombies they bashed in a stone wall discovering a small altar to the god Vecna. Taking with them the magic shortsword they found on the altart they exited through a cave and made camp. A trio of Lizardfolk attacked, breaking the party’s rest. To his dismay Erosjin discovered that the short sword was indeed cursed, and burned itself to his hand. The lizardfolk were soon defeated, and the camp resumed their rest.


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